Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Yr 7 Geography Exploring Livability around Sydney

Year 7 Geography students have been out and about in the cold today, studying our city and the topic of livability - examining the factors that add up to a community's quality of life. They put into practice the skills learnt in class, such as sketching, inquiring and surveying in the suburbs of Ashfield, Helensburgh and Wolli Creek.

In their next Geography lesson they will be collaborating with their peers and comparing the different results they collected in the field today.

Year 11 and Year 12 Economics Visit the RBA

Year 11 and 12 Economics students spent the day at the Reserve Bank of Australia - RBA in Martin Place. They took part in a guided tour of the museum and were treated to presentations on the roles and functions of the Reserve Bank of Australia, monetary policy and current economic conditions, a graduate's perspective of the RBA and exploring Australia's banknotes.

HSC Dance Performances at the HSC Showcase Night

The Stage 6 Dance Syllabus provides students with the opportunity to undertake a study of Dance as an art form. Students study three interrelated components; Performance, Composition and Appreciation. We were privileged to watch our Year 12 Dance students' performance and composition components at the HSC Showcase Events last week.

There was also some wonderful collaborative work happening with younger dance students performing the choreographed works for their older peers. The final HSC Showcase evening is on Wednesday September 4 (Music, Design & Technology, Ext English, Ext History and Ext Science), followed by the Independent Dance Festival on Friday 6 September. Plenty of opportunity to get your performing arts fix! Photo credit: Daniel Woo.