Thursday, 11 April 2019

HICES Debating Round 3 at Georges River Grammar

On Monday evening, the Inaburra HICES Debating teams travelled to Georges River Grammar to compete in the third round of debates. The Junior (Years 5 & 6) and Middle (Years 7 & 8) division teams debated whether the international symbol for disability should be changed, and that overseas exchanges are more valuable for school students than city to country exchanges. All debaters spoke with passion and presented logical arguments. Three of our five teams won their debates, with the others graciously accepting a narrow loss. 

In the Senior division (Years 9 & 10), our debaters crafted impressive cases for the topic, ‘That if we restrict ourselves to words in the dictionary we are limiting today’s available forms of expression’,
with all three teams winning their respective debates. After only an hour of preparation, the Open division team (Years 11 & 12) presented a flawless case arguing against the notion ‘That Australians should not have an opinion on President Trump’. The team constructed a highly sophisticated and intelligent case which was grounded in human rights legislation and visions of Australia’s future. Most noticeably, all Inaburra students conducted themselves with respect and proudly represented our school at this prestigious event. We have one more round of Preliminary debates next term before the Finals Series begin and look forward to further success in these rounds.

- Ms Aliferis

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