Thursday, 1 November 2018

HSC Showcase Nights

The three HSC Showcase events were over the last few weeks, displaying the amazing hard work and talent of our HSC students taking a range of practically applied subjects.

Throughout the events, we saw live drama performances, visual arts exhibitions, literary works and historical reflections. The Design an Technology Projects on display were full of creativity and details, from a snake tank design to an interactive smart mirror. The Textiles Major Projects had been sent off for marking, but copies of project work and photos should the astonishing details in their creations.

Drama students performed both their individual monologues and collaborative group pieces to a captivated audience, displaying their mastery of realising and sustaining a character for the duration of a dramatic work. Equal mastery was displayed in the quality and skill of the Dance students' performances.

The third and final HSC Major Works Showcase event for 2018 featured our Music 1, 2 and Extension students who exhibited a wide range of virtuoso performance and composition pieces including Dizzy Gillespie, Chopin, Charlie Parker, Stevie Ray Vaughan and a bit of John Butler thrown in the mix. Our audience was fully appreciative of the many months and years these students have dedicated to perfecting their craft that we can now enjoy a night of quality performance and wonderful entertainment.


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