Sunday, 3 June 2018

Year 8 Camp

In week 3, Year 8 camp was held down at Waterslea campsite near Nowra last week. The first night saw all of the students join together for a night of fun before the girls headed offsite the next day for a night out in the luxury of tents. The boys completed a day of activities that included abseiling, archery, rafting, billy cart construction and riding, and jumping down the water slide. 

The next day the roles were swapped as the girls completed the activities while the boys braved the coldest night of the three out in tents. All the students had to either hike out to the campsite, or row to it and then swapped the methods of transportation to get back. Students enjoyed the great interaction with their leaders and each other as they learnt more about themselves and their creator. It was excellent to see so many students challenge their limits and do something they had not tried before.

- Mr Jones

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