Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Exciting events in TAS!

Food Technology Excursion

Last Thursday, Year 12 Food Technology students headed down to Cedar Creek Orchard on the South Coast to investigate the manufacturing of apple juice.

CAFS Independent Research Projects

The Year 12 Community and Family Studies class are well on the way to completing their Independent Research Projects. Topics being investigated include:

- The Impact of a Dual Income Household on a Child.
- What are the specific Health requirements and needs of the aged care residents in order to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle.
- The impact on an individual's lifestyle whilst suffering with a chronic illness eg asthma.
- The social and economic effects of immigration.
- An investigation of the impact of a major illness of a family (Brain Tumour).
- The media’s impact on a female adolescent’s well-being.
- The social and emotional effects of being a non-English speaking immigrant in Australia.
- A comparison of aged care facilities and their impact on wellbeing

- Emotional and Economic Needs of a Family with Cancer Diagnosis.
- The impact of social media on the emotional well-being of adolescents.
- The effects on parent/child relations when there is an absent parent.
- The effects on an individual and the family where an individual has recently received a Breast Cancer diagnosis.
- To investigate the financial and emotional effects on a young family encountering a major economic cost.
- The emotional and economic impact of a major surgery on the patient and their family.
- A study into various stressors that occur within a sole parent family.
- How does IVF affect an Individual's wellbeing?
- An investigation of the well being of adolescent within the context of a sole parent family.
- What is the effect of the birth of a child on the wellbeing of parents?

Students are collecting primary data and will soon present the findings of their research.
The TAS Department