Friday, 10 November 2017

Yr 10 Chinatown Excursion

This Thursday, Year 10 students studying Chinese got the chance to experience first-hand connections with the Chinese community in Chinatown. They explored Chinese culture and medicine in Haymarket and Chinatown, accompanied by Mr Li.

Year 9 Camp

A whole lot of adventure was had by the Year 9 students on Camp in week 3. Here are a few photos taken during camp...

ICAS English Distinction and High Distinction Awards

This year we had a number of our students participate in the University of NSW English ICAS test.

We would like to acknowledge those students that received a Credit, Merit or Participation certificate. Your efforts were commendable.

We would also particularly like to congratulate those students who have achieved a Distinction or High Distinction in the University of NSW English ICAS test this year. The students awarded a Distinction have achieved a result that positions them in the top 3 – 6 % of participants across Australia. For the High Distinctions, these students have performed in the top 1% in of entrants across Australia.

Year 7 –
Sommerset Lawler
Harper Marvin
Lauren McComb
Mark Russell
Jonathan Woo

High Distinction
Josie King

Year 8 –
Darcy Faulkes
Mia Francesconi
Ashlee Greene
Emily Ko
Samantha Magee
Lilli Martin
Cameron McAlpine
Kate Richards

Year 9 –
Madeline Harvey
Tetian Madfouni
Andrew McAlpine
Emily Caspersonn

Year 10 –
Nanci Bradley
Bethany Neyle
Phoebe Proctor
Savannah Pullman
Aidin McInerney

High Distinction
Arlo Pullman

This competition is a particularly challenging one and to achieve at this level is excellent.


The English Faculty