Saturday, 23 September 2017

Yr 10 Excursion to the Woodturners' Shed

Last Friday, Yr 10 Industrial Technology Timber students had the opportunity to visit the Southern Region Woodturners' Shed in Oyster Bay.

They put their knowledge of woodturning to the test, with each student having turned, seasoned and finished a bowl by the end of the day from blank Camphor Laurel stock.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Senior Stage Band Workshop with James Morrison!

Last Thursday our Senior Stage Band sat a workshop with Australian Jazz Legend James Morrison at Kirrawee High School.

The students also enjoyed a performance from his JMA Big Band – an incredibly inspiring and memorable experience.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Enduro Challenge for Year 9 PASS Students

A brilliant day was had by all in Year 9 PASS in the Annual Enduro Challenge. The Tops conference centre put on a great event and all 4 teams pushed themselves through a variety of physical challenges. Well done to all!!

2018 Year 9 Student Leaders

Congratulations to the following students who have been announced as Year 9 leaders for 2018.

Tenaya Antonich 
Charlotte Campbell 
Mia Francesconi
Ashlee Greene
Zielle Hinton
Clare Hollis
Katherine Khoury
Georgina Lovell
Kate Richard

Daniel Belcheff
Matthew Fouracre
James Locke
Finn Macdonald
Felix Middleton
Lachlan O’Leary
Pierson Paltoo
Jai Sier
Daniel Wakeford

Performance at the Heathcote Annual Premier’s Dinner

Inaburra's Senior Stage Band performed at the Heathcote Annual Premier’s Dinner at Club Central Menai last Friday night. Premier, Gladys Berejiklian along with members of the Heathcote electorate enjoyed their vibrant show.

Music Director Jen Geering said "The students played brilliantly and were highly praised for their musical skills and conduct throughout the night… and it was heaps of fun!"

2018 Prefects

Every year six boys and six girls serve as Prefects in the Inaburra School community. Following a process of leadership training, students in Year 11 2017 were invited to nominate for the role. The twenty-four who took the risk of applying delivered a speech to the Year 10 and Year 11 students, who subsequently voted for their prospective leaders. School staff also voted, based on their knowledge of the students over time. 

The following students, in alphabetical order, have been announced as Inaburra School Prefects:

Georgia Bowden
Harrison Cramb
Sophie Deavin
Holly Hackfath
Tim Jones
Ben Maze
Ashlee Nealon
Ben Shade
Heather Tetley
Nochi Wakeford
Matthew Winfred
Bethany Yee

Monday, 11 September 2017

Science Update

Congratulations to all our high achievers in the 2017 ICAS Science Competition.

Year 7


Josie King


Zoe Byrne
Lachlan Todd
Jonathan Woo

Year 8

High Distinction

Darcy Faulkes
Lachlan Walls


Zielle Hinton
James Locke


Callum Ferguson
Daniel Wakeford
Emily Ko

Year 9


Emily Caspersonn
Jared Goodall
Jake Liptak
Tetian Madfouni
Zachary Nealon


Alexis Argiropoulos
Sherry Chen
Madeline Harvey
Alexander Tyler
Amber Baillie
Joshua Curtis
Abigail Jones
Charlie Wilson
Julia Baxter
Jonah Eskander
Amelia Treffner
Nathan Woo

Year 10


Sophie Dynon


Kristina Argiropoulos
Shelley Young
Georgia Easton
Joshua Pople
Sarah Barras
Jack Hollis
Archie Sherring
Lachlan Cartwright
Caelum McNally
Daniel Tory

Congratulations, as well, to Ms Karis’ 7N Science class who answered over 1000 questions on Education Perfect to win a class pizza party. Here they are enjoying their prize.

7N Pizza Party!

7N Pizza Party!

Year 11 Biology has enjoyed an excursion to the Australian Museum and Royal Botanic Gardens for the Evolution of Australian Biota Study Day. This excursion provided some outstanding learning opportunities with both extinct and extant animals and plants. The Diprotodon, an example of extinct megafauna, was a popular study choice. Taronga Zoomobile brought some other favourites for a closer look, a Ring-tailed Possum and Children’s Python.
Yr 11 Biology excursion