Friday, 30 June 2017

Year 12 Study Camp

Year 12 have spent the last three days at a Study Camp at the Waterslea camp site near Nowra. While there are a number of social aspects to camp, the key learning intention has been to help students develop study techniques that can be replicated throughout the break as they prepare for the Trial HSC examinations. A great time was had by all.

The Reading Room

We are coming up to the end of the first term of ‘re-imagining’ our space from the Senior Library to the Reading Room. In a nutshell, we are a technology free area. Our vision was to have a space where students could step out of the school environment and feel like they were walking into an eclectic bookshop/ cafĂ©. We have started to collect eclectic pieces that make our space unique and expose students to pieces that they don’t see every day.

Our students (and staff) love the space, with around 50+ students utilising our space at breaks- all off the ‘digital leash’. We have students reading, in book clubs, playing cards and UNO games and tournaments sometimes. There are chess games, Scrabble and board games and then students just meeting here and spending time catching up. It is so lovely to see a group of about 15 Year 12 students that come in every recess and take time away from work and devices to chat and play cards while eating their recess. We trialled allowing students to eat in this space and this has worked out really well. The students that don’t feel comfortable in the playground were frequently going without food just to come in. This often meant they were then having meltdowns in class as they were understandably hungry. For other students, they can eat and read or even get bookwork done at the same time as eating. So far, all have been utilising bins and leaving their space litter free.
We are onto our 4th window display. These displays are designed to encourage people to come in and to evoke positive responses in the hall that the window is in. We have been thrilled with the responses that we receive about them.

Our first one was in our last post about the VIP launch- Welcoming everyone to the Reading Room. We then celebrated the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with an original design piece by Machaela Smith (alumni class of 2016) and links to modern fashion designers alongside the origins of making fashion with vintage sewing equipment.

Our next display was “Challenge yourself- Adventure awaits!”

This was made up of exciting outdoor extreme adventure equipment lent to us by Mr. Paul Karis (Mrs. Karis’ husband) Within these items were a number of items that have been to Base camp and up Mt Everest. We are grateful to have community that are so willing to lend us items for these displays.

Our current display is “Come on in- it’s cold outside” This is all about winter and encouraging students to come in out of the cold and enjoy our blankets and warm environment. We even have snow and a special ‘Olaf inspired’ snowman made out of books to put a smile on the faces of those walking by.

Community collections

We have two jars that we are currently encouraging contributions for. One is a Community currency jar. It is for people to donate random coins (no notes) from places they have been overseas. We are hoping that we can have a full jar to show the places that our community visit outside of the Sutherland Shire. It has been very interesting to see what countries people are bringing coins from. Students frequently look to see the differences and similarities to our currency.

The other jar is a brand new one. It is to put boarding passes and boarding pass stubs in. Again, to show the places we visit and spark conversations. Both these jars sit on a bookshelf of travel guides that we have for our students and staff to borrow to learn about upcoming holiday destinations. These books love to travel with families to the destinations. If you would like to borrow a book for a specific holiday location or for your ‘wish list’ of destinations feel free to e-mail me and we can send the book home with your child (K-12).

Until the end of week two next term, if your child (or you) brings in donated overseas coins or boarding passes, please feel welcome to take a thank you chocolate from my chocolate jar.

On the day of the opening of the new building, feel free to come on in and say hello, and look around our new space. We are always looking for donations of eclectic pieces so if you think you have something that might be a conversation piece, I would be glad to chat to you about it then or via e-mail.

Happy Reading!

Mrs Kim Smith
The Reading Room- Inaburra School

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Rideability Visits Inaburra

The Junior School has been using the playground in the Senior School this week so they can experience Rideability. Rideability is Australia's leading education provider for cycle education, road safety and bike skills to schools, community groups, government and corporate organisations. Looks like they have had heaps of fun while learning some important lessons.

Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Awards

Awards for the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) competition were presented in Assembly by Mr Bowden.

This competition seeks to identify computer programming or coding potential. As Distinctions are only awarded to the top 15% of all entries, we congratulate the following students who achieved such a high standard.

Year 7 Samuel Johnston, Sommerset Lawler, Abbey Parkes
Year 8 Jessica Ahyong, Ashlee Greene,Cameron Hills, Zielle Hinton, Lachlan Walls, Daniel Wakeford
Year 9 Madeline Harvey, Tetian Madfouni

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Athletics Carnival Video

Here is the awesome video our Media students with the help of former student Harrison Wiles and Mr Beckman put together for the Athletics Carnival.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Science Update

Introducing STEM Time for:

  • Year 10 students who are preparing their Science projects for competition entry or on display boards; 
  • all students who wish to test or prepare prototypes or experiments for Entrepreneurs Club; 
  • all students who wish to work on models for entry in the Innovations and Models -Young Scientist Competition. 

Come and work safely under a teacher’s supervision using materials and equipment, including electronic sensors, glassware, measuring instruments and craft materials, from the Science Faculty storeroom. Monday afternoons in Term 2 and Term 3, 2.45pm -3.45p.m. in 223. More details from Mrs Gordon

Work Experience
James Manning from Year 10 completed his work experience week in the Science prep room under the supervision of the laboratory assistant, Mrs Jenny Watts. James spent the week researching and developing demonstrations for teaching. At the end of the week it was exciting to see him demonstrate his extensive knowledge and model of DNA electrophoresis to Year 12 Biology. It was a great assistance in understanding the use of this technique in DNA profiling as Year 12 studied their option module, Genetics – the Code Broken? Thank you, James and Mrs Watts.

Science resources for catching up on missed lessons
Parents are reminded that Year 9 and 10 students have access to digital Science textbooks, iScience 9 and iScience 10. Year 7 and 8 students have access to the interactive program, Education Perfect for Science. Students keep a record of their own learning and apply their learning in workbooks or loose leaf folders. Reference material, including KUDos, is available for each class on Moodle or Google Workspace. KUDos are the essential knowledge, understanding and doing for students in Years 7 to 10. Students who miss lessons due to illness or other commitments are encouraged to be responsible for catching up and extending their learning by using these resources. Contact class Science teachers if there are difficulties getting access to resources for Science.

A lesson with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki 
Physics classes are looking forward to their Skype lesson with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki from ABC Science on the 7th June. Thanks to Mrs Homola, Dr Karl will bring his unique approach to communicating science to an Inaburra classroom. Students will be ready to show their enthusiasm and put their physics questions to Dr Karl.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Athletics Carnival

Our annual Athletics Carnival was held at Barden Ridge on Tuesday this week. We were blessed with beautiful weather and it was fantastic to see so many students getting involved in the day. Special mention to Year 12 who had a theme of Old and Gold.

Work Experience

In Week 3 of this term Year 10 took part in Work Experience. Students got the chance to see what it is like when they leave school as they shadowed adults in a large range of professions. This is the first year we have moved Work Experience to before the subject selection process and we hope this experience will really help students as they plan for the studies at the HSC.

Frequently we have a number of students who actually do work experience at the school. James Manning is one such student who spent the week working with our school Lab Assistant in the Science faculty. Here is a report that he compiled on a project he undertook during the week.

As part of the work experience program, I spent the week in the Inaburra science laboratory with Mrs Jenny Watts and the major project I worked on was DNA Gel Electrophoresis. It is an experiment used to examine 2 sets of DNA to see if the 2 are identical. The experiment consisted of; 5 9V batteries to make 45V of electricity running through cables to 2 stainless steel electrodes submerged in a 0.2 Molar Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate solution with an Agar Gel made from the same solution with 5 wells in it to hold the samples. To make the samples, we extracted the DNA of a kiwi fruit which takes about an hour itself. Tto actually see the DNA during the experiment, we stained the DNA with Methylene Blue. Initially, we did the experiment with food dyes to separate the colours, but when we found everything worked, we decided to use DNA. After we had tested it a few times, we tried it with DNA and got it to a teachable standard. I then demonstrated this process to Year 12 Biology on the Friday afternoon.

35th Anniversary

Here are some images from our 35th Anniversary celebration on May 24.

Music Education – A Process of Partnership and Perseverance

Our musical year has started well and we are already noticing significant artistic development in our students. Maintaining this valuable momentum requires intelligent outcomes, highly competent staff and a student clientele which is resilient and industrious. These qualities are most potent when linked to optimistic parental mentoring and partnership.

We have high expectations of the students that we teach and the ensembles that we run. Consistent practice and weekly attendance at rehearsals is foundational to the excellent results we are achieving. 

Below are some ideas on how you – as mentor and parent – can encourage your child to persevere in this exciting journey of Music Education.

  1. What should I do if my child wishes to quit? Don't give in! –– Particularly in the early stages of involvement in the program. There are so many great reasons for persevering with music. It is an investment of both parental time and resources. Investment involves: devoting time, effort, and energy to an undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result. 
  2. What do I do when my child becomes frustrated with their progress? Ensure that they are practising regularly. This single factor will solve most of their problems. It is not easy learning an instrument. It is just hard work (for all of us). 
  3. Get them to listen to professional recordings of music they are studying. This exercise implants the right sound into the student's mind, clearly modelling the sound that students should be aiming for. Their private teachers are a great sound model resource. 
  4.  A little practice everyday is better than none at all. It is rare that a child will want to go and practice on their own. Frequently they will need you – the parent – to supervise and encourage them. 
  5. Be physically present for some of your child's practice sessions. Offer suggestions, to show your child that you are listening to them. You may not be ‘musical’ but that does not matter. You will need to be a part of this journey with them, regardless of your musical expertise. 
  6. Keep going –– consistency and involvement in your child's music education will bring success to the student and certainly vicarious joy to the parent. 

Remember –– Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!! 

Partnership and perseverance is the key – it is worthwhile, so let us continue the good work. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss ways in which you can assist with the development of your child's musical progress and success.

Kind regards,

Miss Jennifer Geering