Friday, 5 May 2017

Year 11 Music Compositions performed by String Quartet

This week the Year 11 music class had their compositions performed by a professional String Quartet. This tradition has continued for many years now and is one of the highlights of the year for the students who get to hear their works performed in front of the whole school at the Senior School Assembly.

Peer Tutoring up and running for 2017

As the saying goes "to teach is to learn twice", and if the adage is true, the peer tutors at Inaburra today were not simply learning the material better, but were also learning how to be teachers. The Peer Literacy Tutoring Program that is currently running alongside the after-school study sessions, is a nationally recognised course that benefits two student cohorts; the Stage 6 tutors and the Stage 4 tutees. Tutors develop leadership skills, communication skills and improve their understanding of the core work. Tutees benefit from working one-on-one with a more senior peer and may concentrate better on the task in the more comfortable environment. Best of all, peer tutoring also helps develop personal relationships between the tutor and the student. So a win, win for everyone!

Senior School Cross Country Photos

Year 12 Geography Excursion to Cairns

Inaburra's Year 12 Geographers were in Far North Queensland on a field trip last week. They have been investigating two Australian ecosystems at risk: the Daintree and the Great Barrier Reef. Then travelling south of Cairns they visited the Pacific Coast eco banana farm (you might know these bananas as the red tip ones) where Frank, Diane and Alana explained how their farm was operated. Students finished their four-day field trip looking at the way the suburbs of Cairns have taken over the sugar cane fields. They had the opportunity to meet with developers and the local Council who are overseeing this change in Cairns.