Monday, 27 March 2017

Year 8 Visit Taroonga Zoo

On Friday 10 March, all of Year 8 spent a day out at Taronga Zoo. The focus of the day was to learn about the role of the zoo and how it aims to protect and educate the public about endangered species and habitats.

The students enjoyed the the Seal and Bird shows and the workshops led by Taronga Zoo staff in which they shared their knowledge and understanding on how the human environment has impacted the natural environment. More importantly they provided practical examples on how we can also make a difference to protect our environment for the benefit of future generations.

Year 10 Mock Interview Day

On Friday 24 March, Year 10 students participated in the Annual Mock Interview Day. The event comprised a range of activities, workshops and presentations.

These included:
Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Exhibitio’ from various Universities and Colleges;
Life in the Final Years at School led by Mr Bowden and former Inaburra Students;
Entrepreneurship: What does it take? led Mr Crawshaw and local business owners;
Occupational, Health and Safety led by Mrs Gaskell; and
The Mock Interview.

Students were required as part of their PDHPE Course to prepare an application for employment. This involved constructing a Curriculum Vitae and preparing for an interview with one of the 16 volunteer interviewers made up by our parent body. Students were then given feedback which they can then draw from when the time comes to apply for a real job.

The day also provoked students to think and reflect about the various choices they have in the near future. Questions such as: Do I want to attend university or college after school? What would be it like to run my own business? What skills do I need to pursue my interest? All important in ones journey to Year 12 and beyond.

The school would like to thank the 60 volunteers, and in particular, Mr Stuart Jones, the Careers Advisor who worked tirelessly to coordinate the successful day.

Science Update

Year 7 and Year 8 have been introduced to Education Perfect, a tool that allows students to interact and answer questions about their learning online. Year 7 are gaining confidence to work safely as they investigate the nature of water and Year 8 are learning about forces and planning their research projects. Education Perfect engages students to consolidate their learning at home. Mrs Gordon’s 7R were using Education Perfect last week.

Year 7 are continuing to develop their skills in science as they learn about Water and engage with real-world problems. Mrs Lucas’ 7B had the opportunity to ask a scientist (Dr Elizabeth Cohen), working in a related field, questions about how scientists work and some of the problems she has had to solve. The students were particularly engaged when Dr Cohen explained how she used natural dye pigments to trace water in the nearby southern coast area to determine the impact of mining on Sydney’s water reserves (photographs below). Students also had an opportunity to ask their own questions of Dr Cohen via a video-link and we are continuing to uncover more of the questions that form the foundation for lifelong learning.

Dr Elizabeth Cohen is an Environmental Consultant specialising in groundwater remediation and contaminated site clean-up. Originally from the Sutherland Shire, Elizabeth is now living in Detroit, Michigan where she works on environmental projects all over the United States. Elizabeth has a PhD in chemistry and a degree in industrial chemistry.

Year 8 are learning how scientists gather evidence to solve problems. In week 2, their Forensic Science workshop provided an opportunity to work like a scientist in a criminal investigation. Education Interactive provided the hands-on experience of gathering evidence like a forensic scientist. Year 8 students will put their developing skills into practice as they complete their own research projects to solve a scientific problem.

Year 11 Biology has been studying local ecosystems. Our new Pasco remote sensors have given us a deeper insight into what is happening in the remnant sclerophyll forest outside of school hours. The sensors gather information overnight. The information is downloaded the next day and analysed with the Pasco software. This will allow students to carry out more sophisticated data analysis from their field trip.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Textile Students attend IntoCraft Show

Textiles and Design students in Year 11 attended the IntoCraft Show at Rosehill Gardens last week. They had the opportunity to see the Texstyle exhibition; a display of the best major textiles projects from the 2016 HSC. The students also attended a seminar to help inspire them in the development their own major projects. Inaburra HSC majorworks are displayed at the school in showcase month (August).

Year 11 Geography Excursion

Year 11 Geography students enjoyed a slightly wet field trip yesterday to the Lane Cove River Park. They have been investigating the biophysical environment. The field trip was an opportunity to look at how each of the biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere interact in the catchment of the Lane Cove River. Students were also looking at the impact of urban run off into the catchment.

Science Experiments In and Outside of the Lab

There have been a variety of Science experiments throughout the last couple of weeks that have really helped students to develop a stronger understanding of the world they live in. It is really important that students make a strong connection between the theories they learn in Science and the practical experiments they perform.

Who remembers the Van de Graaff generator? Year 8 Science are exploring static electricity and were conducting experiments with the Van de Graaff machine today. They are currently studying forces and fair testing.