Thursday, 3 November 2016

Congratulations to Liam

Congratulations to Liam of Year 10 who last night received Equal 1st in the Most Promising section of the Young Scientist Awards at the University of Wollongong. These awards are run by the Science Teacher Association of NSW and require students to complete an investigation and then present it as a report. Some of last years winners in this section went on to receive major awards this year.

Here is an outline of Liam's Project:

Having noted that pools frequently turn green after heavy rainfall, Liam set out to investigate whether the cause could be linked to the pH of rain affecting the pool's chlorine and its ability to kill algae, or whether the cause was a dilution of the chlorine in the pool by the rain water. Using a number of tests, Liam arrived at the conclusion that the inability of pool water to kill algae after heavy rainfall was most likely due to the dilution of the pool chlorine by the rain water.

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