Monday, 14 November 2016

Tamika selected for Texstyle

Congratulations Tamika in Year 12. Her Barrier Reef inspired bodysuit has been selected from nearly 2000 projects across NSW to appear in Texstyle, the annual exhibition of outstanding Major Textiles Projects developed by 2016 HSC Textiles and Design students. The Texstyle exhibition will be held at the Stitches and Craft Show at Rosehill Racecourse from Thursday 3 March to Sunday 5 March 2017.

Tamika’s Major Work Statement:
I have created a marine-inspired textile art outfit that consists of a nine-paneled, strapless, boned bodysuit made of white stretch satin and a sculptural felt neckpiece. I have dyed the lower section of the bodysuit with bold vibrant colours inspired by coral reefs. The contrasting colour scheme of the bold colours with stark white is my way of representing the unsettling environmental issue of plastic pollution in our oceans. The outfit becomes the canvas in which I present the immaculate beauty of the natural world, through intricate embellishments, and to communicate the need to stop polluting our oceans because inevitably it will be us that suffers. The neckpiece communicates the struggle; the wearer seems to be strangled in the sculptural felt piece, and emphasises this global modern day issue.

Also to be acknowledged is the huge effort behind the scenes of the senior textile teaching staff Bridgette and Narelle, whose direction has helped produce work of such high calibre. Textile Major Works including Tamika's will be on display in the PAC foyer until the end of Term 4.

InTech 2017 - Industrial Technology Multimedia

Congratulations Year 12 students Steven Khoury and Liam Coughtrey for being nominated for possible inclusion in InTech 2017, the annual exhibition of outstanding Major Projects developed by HSC Industrial Technology students.

In 2017, the InTech exhibition will be at the Sydney Timber and Working with Wood Show held in Hall 6, The Sydney Showground Homebush. This exhibition will take place  from Thursday 23 June to Sunday 25 June, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm daily. A number of projects will also be selected for Shape 2016, the combined exhibition of HSC Technology projects at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS), Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, from mid February to 7 May 2017.

Artistic Statements:
The Remote - A short science fiction/action film that consists of a character who discovers a device that has telekinetic and hacking abilities. The character will then take possession of the device and use it to hack and implode various objects and other means. However, in this process the character will be discovered by a secret FBI agent who intends on taking over possession of the remote, thus creating a chase and fight over the possession of the remote.

Time - An original short film about the mysterious character that is Michael. Through psychology, Michael has flashbacks and is able to piece together bits of the story himself to develop his character and a better understanding of his supernatural abilities to see through time and space.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Congratulations to Liam

Congratulations to Liam of Year 10 who last night received Equal 1st in the Most Promising section of the Young Scientist Awards at the University of Wollongong. These awards are run by the Science Teacher Association of NSW and require students to complete an investigation and then present it as a report. Some of last years winners in this section went on to receive major awards this year.

Here is an outline of Liam's Project:

Having noted that pools frequently turn green after heavy rainfall, Liam set out to investigate whether the cause could be linked to the pH of rain affecting the pool's chlorine and its ability to kill algae, or whether the cause was a dilution of the chlorine in the pool by the rain water. Using a number of tests, Liam arrived at the conclusion that the inability of pool water to kill algae after heavy rainfall was most likely due to the dilution of the pool chlorine by the rain water.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Student Leadership Team for 2017

Induction of School Leaders for 2017
Learning about leadership is one of the many facets of a young person’s education. At Inaburra we are firmly of the opinion that leadership is exercised informally as well as formally, and that humble service is the essential attitude that underlies great leadership. Therefore, all students in our community are encouraged to exercise leadership in their contexts. We do, nonetheless, have formal leadership roles at various points on the way through school. In the Senior School assembly this week we commissioned our new School Captains, Prefects and Year 9 Leaders.

Year 9 Leaders
The Year 9 leaders will work with the staff in supporting the work of the school. One of their most important roles is assisting the new Year 7 cohort with their transition; this responsibility gets underway next week. Following a poll of their peers and the input of staff, the following students have been appointed as the Year 9 leaders for 2017: Amber Baillie, India Bowden, Zarie Dawson, Emily Easton, Jonah Eskander, Jamie Greig, Abigail Jones, Jake Liptak, James McNaughton, Henry Phillips, Georgia Schmit-Uili, Daniel Sherry, Georgia Smith, Daniel Todorcevski, Natalie Watt, Ben Weeks, Charlie Wilson and Matthew Wrightson.

Year 12 Leaders
We have introduced a new approach to the responsibilities of the Year 12 School Prefects. In addition to the general responsibilities and opportunities that come with the role, the Prefects have been assigned to an area of school activity which will provide the context in which they will develop and exercise their leadership. The following students, having been elected by their peers and staff, have been appointed to these areas of responsibility:

SRC Prefect
Richard Schmitz-Peiffer            
Sport Prefect
Alex Samios                                
Music Prefect
Gabriella Proctor                       
Speechcraft Prefect
Katherine Argiropoulos               
Chaplaincy Prefect
Rebekah Manning                        
Chaplaincy Prefect
Ryan Youssef                                  
Junior School Prefect
Alicia Miller                                   
Junior School Prefect
Jack Graham                                  
Year 8 Prefect
Nick Wallace                                 
Year 9 Prefect
Georgia Dynon                              

The School Captains for 2017 are Grace Easton and Hamish Wilson. Grace and Hamish are held in the highest regard by students and staff alike, both are very active in the life of the school and both consistently demonstrate the Christian character that I expect of student leaders at Inaburra School.

I commend all of our student leaders to you, being confident that they will fulfil their responsibilities with diligence and distinction. I also encourage the school community to pray for them and their peers as they embark on their final year of schooling.

Mr Bowden