Monday, 29 August 2016

HSC Projects Festival Evening 2

It was fantastic to see so many parents, family members, alumni and current students attend the second of our three showcase nights last week. The corridors of the PAC were overflowing with people who came to see the amazing work by students. Drama Performance, Art Works, Depth Studies and Short Stories were on display. There were also many teachers from other schools who came to 'spy' on the works, and their comments to our teachers were very encouraging.

Congratulations to all of the students who had their work displayed on the night. The third and final event for this year's HSC Projects Festival will take the form of a Music Major Works Performance Evening. This will be held on Wednesday 31 August at 6:30pm in the PAC.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

HSC Major Projects Festival Begins

Last night we had the first our three HSC Major Projects Showcase events. Students from Textiles and Design, Media, Software Design and Development, Engineering Studies and Design and Technology displayed the Projects that they been working on for the last three terms. For many, this was actually the culmination of skills that they started to develop many years ago. 

There are still two more showcase events later on this term. I highly encourage students from younger years to attend these nights as it is great way of understanding what they will need to do to excel at a high level in future HSC courses.

Congratulations to all the students who displayed their work last night. Your perseverance has been rewarded.

Senior School Dance Ensemble Competes at the Sydney Eisteddfod

Our Senior School Dance Ensemble recently competed at the Sydney Eisteddfod at the University of NSW. The group danced beautifully on the day and received some very positive comments with a mark of 86. While they didn't achieve a place this year, I reflect that this is an amazing achievement considering we didn't even have a Dance Ensemble a couple of years ago. Congratulations to all the students involved and a big thanks to Ms Masters for leading the group.