Thursday, 23 June 2016

Science Fair Winners!

Our Open Day provided an opportunity to showcase the Science project work of Year 10. Two former Inaburra students, Claire Manion and Nick Samios, judged the projects using 3 criteria – scientific potential, presentation and originality. Prizes were presented to 3 students but we congratulate all the Year 10 students who were nominated by their teachers to participate in the 2016 Science Fair. They have all demonstrated the attributes of curiosity, creativity and critical thinking in applying the scientific process.

1st           Matthew Winfred            “Electrical Circuits”
2nd          Elizabeth Bourikov         “To Drink or not to Drink”
3rd           Ashley Struve                “Store Bought or Farm Fresh?”

Georgia Bowden              Mason Caldwell-Watt        Kathryn Champion          Chris Dedes       
Andrew Foster                 Abbey Golding                  Gabrielle Potter                Peri Rollason    
Sarah Stivaktas                 Liam Viney                        Sam Wilson                      Bethany Yee


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