Thursday, 19 May 2016

Legal Studies Excursion to Canberra

Yr 12 Legal Studies visited the High Court and Old Parliament House in Canberra. 
by Mr Greg Crawshaw

The day started at 7:00am with a 3 hour bus trip to the High Court in Canberra. A brief introductory tour of the highest court in the land was followed by observing a case about the validity of the cut-off date for voter enrolment in the upcoming election. The students got to experience a sitting of the full bench, all 7 justices, and the interplay of debate over constitutional law. The case was made relevant by the fact that the outcome may see one of the students missing out on voting in this election. In the debrief session the students were able to clearly articulate the cases presented and even predicted the outcome! 

After lunch it was off to the Museum of Democracy in the Old Parliament House. The self-guided tour began with a viewing of the ‘Memories of the Struggle’ exhibition about the anti-apartheid movement in Australia and their fight against the highly discriminatory practices of the South African Government. As the group moved through the building they discussed the various processes in the development and creation of laws in Australia and the influences on the legal and non-legal responses to the evolving nature of Australia’s legal system. The conversation on the return bus trip showed the value of engaging in the process first hand.

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