Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Year 7 Camp 2016

The first day of Senior School can be a daunting experience, add to that going away on a 3 day camp with your new school mates. This is the start to Senior School our Year 7 students experienced and what a fantastic camp we had. Students were able to develop friendships with their new classmates quickly over a number of fun activities and shared experiences.

Wednesday began with the students having a quick orientation of the school and then we were off to the AYW campsites on the Port Hacking River. Students were quickly put into their room groups and then off to their first activity. The high pace of camp continued with 3 activities a day for 3 days, and any down time the students used to play cricket, basketball, soccer and all manner of variations. Students took part in activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, a high ropes spider web, adventure cooking, sailing and fishing. All activities were exciting and enjoyed by all students.

We also had a night activity run by the Youth Works staff where the students were able to enjoy using the giant waterslide. Our Year 12 Prefects and Year 9 Leaders joined us on Thursday night and ran a fantastic games night which involved water balloon volley ball and also a dancing competition amongst other things.

Overall our Year 7’s really enjoyed the experience and have developed new friendships and are eagerly awaiting the start of their journey through the Senior School

 by Mr Michael McGovern
 Year Advisor

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