Friday, 10 November 2017

Yr 10 Chinatown Excursion

This Thursday, Year 10 students studying Chinese got the chance to experience first-hand connections with the Chinese community in Chinatown. They explored Chinese culture and medicine in Haymarket and Chinatown, accompanied by Mr Li.

Year 9 Camp

A whole lot of adventure was had by the Year 9 students on Camp in week 3. Here are a few photos taken during camp...

ICAS English Distinction and High Distinction Awards

This year we had a number of our students participate in the University of NSW English ICAS test.

We would like to acknowledge those students that received a Credit, Merit or Participation certificate. Your efforts were commendable.

We would also particularly like to congratulate those students who have achieved a Distinction or High Distinction in the University of NSW English ICAS test this year. The students awarded a Distinction have achieved a result that positions them in the top 3 – 6 % of participants across Australia. For the High Distinctions, these students have performed in the top 1% in of entrants across Australia.

Year 7 –
Sommerset Lawler
Harper Marvin
Lauren McComb
Mark Russell
Jonathan Woo

High Distinction
Josie King

Year 8 –
Darcy Faulkes
Mia Francesconi
Ashlee Greene
Emily Ko
Samantha Magee
Lilli Martin
Cameron McAlpine
Kate Richards

Year 9 –
Madeline Harvey
Tetian Madfouni
Andrew McAlpine
Emily Caspersonn

Year 10 –
Nanci Bradley
Bethany Neyle
Phoebe Proctor
Savannah Pullman
Aidin McInerney

High Distinction
Arlo Pullman

This competition is a particularly challenging one and to achieve at this level is excellent.


The English Faculty

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Write Here Write Now 2017 Finalist

Congratulations to Hannah Foote who was a finalist in the 'Write Here Write Now 2017' competition for her poem ‘Lost’. This is a competition for students to submit a poem or short story of their own creation. 

One winner and places are determined for each category. This year there were over 10,000 entries. We are so proud of Hannah’s achievement.

Mrs Crawshaw

Lost (Poetry)
by Hannah Foote, Grade 7, NSW

Whispering wind sent chills down her spine
Quick drops of rain pelting against the emerald green leaves and interlaced vines
The trees above caving in,
letting dwindling light from the moon creep in
The chirping of a nearby bird, its voice like chiming bells,
tweeting as delicate, blue feathers fell to the forest floor inaudibly, as she stumbled and fell,
over cracking twigs engulfed in evergreen moss and vigorous tree roots
The path no longer known, as the squelching mud collapsed under her boots
Her surroundings stared her down with a baleful expression
The stench of rotting wood, continuing her depression
More wind caressed her cheek, with the chill of the night
Panic seeped through her, a sheen of sweat, reflecting her fright
as skittering animals darted back and forth, they knew where to go,
Though she did not know…

She was lost

Sutherland Shire Debating Grand Final!

Last Tuesday evening both our Junior and Senior High School Debating teams competed in the Sutherland Shire Debating Grand Final, held at the Sutherland Shire Council Chambers. Both teams presented outstanding debates, with a display of exceptional skill and knowledge. 

The topics for the Junior division was, ‘That environmental protests are not effective’, and the Senior team argued ‘That the social movement known as 'fair trade' was a success’. 

The Junior team consisting of, Mia F., Darcy F., Katherine K. and Abbey P., were victorious and awarded the prestigious Sutherland Shire Debating Perpetual Trophy, which was presented by Sutherland Shire Mayor, Cr. Carmelo Pesce. 

Our Senior team, consisting of Tetian M., Georgia E., Kristina A. and Sarah B., were narrowly awarded Runners Up and are commended for their absolutely outstanding performance in this event and throughout the season. A special mention and thanks to Annabel Harvey and Oscar Wellard, who chaired the event. 

Congratulations to all students involved. We have enjoyed another successful debating season and look forward to next year.

Mrs Aliferis  

Champions! Junior Debating Team with Sutherland Shire Mayor, Cr. Carmelo Pesce 
Senior Debating Team with Sutherland Shire Mayor, Cr. Carmelo Pesce
Senior Debating Team with Mrs Aliferis

Science Update

Science Update 20.10.17

2017 Inaburra Science Fair
Our Open Day last term provided at opportunity to showcase the Science project work of Year 10. A former Inaburra student, Ben Kelly, judged the projects using 3 criteria – scientific potential, presentation and originality. Prizes were awarded to 4 students but we congratulate all the Year 10 students who were nominated by their teachers to participate in the 2017 Science Fair. They have all demonstrated the attributes of curiosity, creativity and critical thinking in applying the scientific process.

1st Oliver E. “Temporary Natural Disaster Shelter”
2nd Jordan H.  “Life Support in a Blanket”
3rd Lily W. “The Rising of the Cakes”

Highly Commended
Will S. “What NRL kicking method gives the furthest distance?"

Oliver E. “Temporary Natural Disaster Shelter” 
Jordan H.  “Life Support in a Blanket”

Lily W. “The Rising of the Cakes”

Will S. “What NRL kicking method gives the furthest distance?

The Young Scientist Awards
The Young Scientist Awards are a statewide competition for school students organised by the NSW Science Teachers’ Association. They require a standard of excellence in developing a research project that has a real-life application. The following students are congratulated on their selection for the Young Scientist Awards:
Models and Innovations Years 10-12
Jordan Hood
James Manning

Working Scientifically Years 10-12
Jordan Hood
Sophie Dynon
Shelley Young

The Models and Innovations were showcased at the Sydney University Open Day last term and we were excited when Jordan Hood was awarded Highly Commended for her project, “Life Support in a Blanket”. We have also been notified that Jordan has been awarded a prize in the Working Scientifically category and, as one of the top 15 entrants in NSW, has been shortlisted for the 2018 International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, USA. In addition, she will now represent NSW in the BHP Billiton National Science Awards. We are eagerly awaiting further news of Jordan’s success at a presentation event in November.

Ann Hanna, STANSW Young Scientist Awards Coordinator, says “Congratulations to your school for this excellent achievement in this major New South Wales STEM event”.

Growing Tall Poppies Program
The Growing Tall Poppies Program is a physics-based work experience program for girls in NSW and Victoria. Last term 5 of our Year 10 students, Sophie D, Jessica D, Phoebe P, Georgia E and Kristina E, participated in this program for 2 days at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO). Students listened to and worked with physicists in the lab and toured the ANSTO site at Lucas Heights. Mr Bailey attended the presentation on the final day of the program.
When students were recently interviewed by Chris, a researcher from Deakin University, about their experience, they were very positive. The students described how the program had given them a greater understanding of the process of scientific research, the need to blend all science disciplines in the process of research and the role of critical thinking in scientific inquiry. All students found the program to be of benefit in informing future career and tertiary education choices as well as subject selection for senior high school.

Congratulations girls, you are great ambassadors for our school. It was a pleasure to hear your insightful interview responses.

Mrs Gordon
Science Teacher

Year 7 Geography Excursion

On Friday the 13th October, Year 7 Geography Students engaged in fieldwork for the purpose of researching the liveability of three distinct suburbs: Ashfield, Helensburgh and Wolli Creek. 

The excursion involved walking through the town centres and conducting a series of observation and recording tasks such as Vantage Point Sketches, Streetscapes and Traffic Surveys. 

In Week 2, students will use these their findings to compare and contrast in collaboration with their peers. 

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Yr 10 Excursion to the Woodturners' Shed

Last Friday, Yr 10 Industrial Technology Timber students had the opportunity to visit the Southern Region Woodturners' Shed in Oyster Bay.

They put their knowledge of woodturning to the test, with each student having turned, seasoned and finished a bowl by the end of the day from blank Camphor Laurel stock.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Senior Stage Band Workshop with James Morrison!

Last Thursday our Senior Stage Band sat a workshop with Australian Jazz Legend James Morrison at Kirrawee High School.

The students also enjoyed a performance from his JMA Big Band – an incredibly inspiring and memorable experience.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Enduro Challenge for Year 9 PASS Students

A brilliant day was had by all in Year 9 PASS in the Annual Enduro Challenge. The Tops conference centre put on a great event and all 4 teams pushed themselves through a variety of physical challenges. Well done to all!!