Friday, 3 August 2018

Prefects for 2019 Announced

Welcome our new Student Leaders.

Every year, six boys and six girls serve as Prefects in the Inaburra School community. Following a process of leadership training, students in Year 11 2018 were invited to nominate for the role. Those students who took the risk of applying delivered a speech to the Year 10 and Year 11 students, who subsequently voted for their prospective leaders. School staff also voted, based on their knowledge of the students over time. The following students, in alphabetical order, have been announced as our new Inaburra School Prefects:

Julian Annison, Daniella Caruso, Jessica de Lacey, Elle Diakovasilis, Breanna Doncoski, Sophie Dynon, Anton Karindjias, Fred Khouri, Joshua Maclean, Lily Welsh, Aaron Wilson and Ashton Yee.

Inaburra hosting the World Scholars Cup

Inaburra School hosted our first ever round of the World Scholar's Cup at the end of last term with students participating from St Charbel's Maronite Catholic Church Sydney, Knox Grammar School, St George Christian School and The King's School. Participants competed over two days from 9-5pm in a variety of challenges including collaborative debating, performance, the Scholar's Bowl and trivia challenges. Our Inaburra World Scholar's Cup participants met these challenges with a great attitude and we are very proud of their perseverance and team work.

A number of these students will be going down to Melbourne in a few weeks for the World Scholar's Cup- Global Rounds to compete with students all across Australia. We wish these students all the best!

Here they are still looking chipper after the long haul, alpacas, medals and trophies in hand.

Year 11 Engineering students Site Visit

Year 11 Engineering students have been observing engineering in the field with visits to three different companies. The first was to Austral Alloys, where various grades of metal are melted down and poured into sand moulds as seen in the photos. The next was Harrington Industries and thirdly, Strategic Engineering, to observe mass production of metal components from sheet metal, and the automation side of engineering manufacturing.

- Mr Francesconi

Inaburra Intermediate Concert Band at the NSW School Band Festival

Inaburra's Intermediate Concert Band has just been presented with a GOLD AWARD at their inaugural performance at the NSW School Band Festival. They performed brilliantly! Well done to all the students in the Intermediate Concert Band, our passionate Music Director, Jennifer Geering and wonderful Band Director, Ray Avard.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Our Senior and Open Division Debating teams are through to the HICES Finals Series!

With the Preliminary Rounds complete in the HICES Debating Competition, Inaburra progress to the Finals Series. There are five rounds of finals and we have set a new record this year, with three teams progressing to this level. Today, Inaburra had the pleasure of hosting Georges River Grammar School to debate the topic ‘that online manners are just as important as table manners’. Our senior team, Darcy Faulkes, Mia Francesconi, Katherine Khoury and Tetian Madfouni, presented a cohesive and sophisticated case which enabled them to win the debate and progress to the Quarter Final. 

In addition to this, we congratulate our Open Division team, Sarah Stivaktas, Kristina Argiropoulos, Sarah Barras and Christopher Dedes, who have also successfully progressed to the Quarter Final. These debaters have debated critically, with evident passion, integrity and eloquence. 

Our involvement in the Sutherland Shire Competition also continues, with more debates to be held in the next few weeks. In addition to these debating events, our students are enjoying weekly training sessions including the much anticipated ‘hot seat debates’ where students from Years 7-12 gather and engage in topical and philosophical issues. All students are commended for their consistent commitment to excellence. Congratulations to all involved.

- Ms. Aliferis

Friday, 29 June 2018

CIS Open Girls Football - Round 3

The Open Girls Football team played their Round 3 match of the CIS NSW Open Girls Football Competition against Moriah College last month at Moore Park. The girls were coached by two former A League players who offered both knowledge and encouragement to the girls.

Inaburra scored an early goal in the first half but Moriah College were quick to respond with the scores being 1-1 at half time. Inaburra came very close to scoring a few goals in the second half but Moriah College were too tight in defence. The scores remained 1-1 at full-time which lead to penalty goal kicks. Inaburra was successful with their first 4 kicks and Moriah College only scored 2 goals which meant that Inaburra won the match. The girls will now play PLC in the Quarter Finals. Awesome game girls!

- Ms Wilsher

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Year 8 Camp

In week 3, Year 8 camp was held down at Waterslea campsite near Nowra last week. The first night saw all of the students join together for a night of fun before the girls headed offsite the next day for a night out in the luxury of tents. The boys completed a day of activities that included abseiling, archery, rafting, billy cart construction and riding, and jumping down the water slide. 

The next day the roles were swapped as the girls completed the activities while the boys braved the coldest night of the three out in tents. All the students had to either hike out to the campsite, or row to it and then swapped the methods of transportation to get back. Students enjoyed the great interaction with their leaders and each other as they learnt more about themselves and their creator. It was excellent to see so many students challenge their limits and do something they had not tried before.

- Mr Jones

Friday, 1 June 2018

Media Students Filming at Baptist Union Conference

 In week 3, a crew of six media students from years 9, 10, 11 and 12 operated live vision equipment at the NSW & ACT Baptist Union’s 'Celebrate 150' conference and celebration held at the Navarra Venue, Le Montage, Lilyfield. 

The vision from three cameras operated by our crew was ‘live’ switched for projection at the event and live-streamed for participants around the state, during the 4 sessions held through the day and into the evening. The professional crew working alongside our students were hugely impressed with their capabilities and work conduct.

Chamber Strings Ensemble at Sydney Eisteddfod

We were very proud of our Chamber Strings who competed at the Sydney Eisteddfod performing at The Concourse in Chatswood. Up against the big schools of Knox and MLC and we held our own! Great ensemble directorship by Irena Dimitrovska

Fete and Open Day

How good was Inaburra's Open Day and Fete? We trust you enjoyed the day, picked up a bargain, a book or a BBQ egg and bacon roll for lunch.

It was great to see the diverse range of skills and talents in Senior School students throughout the day. 

Thank you to our Student Leaders, Prefects and students who ran tours. The band members and choir members who performed throughout that day were spectacular, and we hope you had a chance to see our Media students on the big screen running presentations throughout the day. 

Great job Senior School on showing the community what a great contribution you make to Inaburra.