Tuesday, 6 March 2018

HICES Debating Round 1

Last Tuesday, Inaburra School had the honour of hosting the opening round of the HICES (Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools) Debating Competition for 2018. With eight schools and over 100 people in attendance, the event proved a brilliant showcase of debating prowess and provided an opportunity for schools in the South West Sydney region to unite and celebrate the many talents of our wonderful students.

All five Inaburra teams won their respective debates, constructing complex models and arguing topics including the Middle Division topic, ‘That high street retailers should be protected from online shopping’, the Senior Division’s topic, ‘That Facebook has irrevocably altered the nature of friendship’ and in the Open Division, ‘That hashtags trivialise worthwhile causes’.

Our students were exemplary in their code of conduct, warmly welcoming our guests and speaking with confidence, insight and skill. Thank you to all who were involved in making the event a success. We look forward to our next debate in week seven.
- Ms Aliferis

Yr 8 Forensic Science Incursion

This term, Year 8 are learning how to be scientists and how to conduct valid and reliable scientific investigations. To help develop their scientific and inquiry skills, Year 8 participated in a Forensic Science incursion on Wednesday of week 5 in which they were able to play the part of forensic scientists to solve a crime. Throughout this hands-on workshop students also explored the importance of cyber safety, the dangers of drink spiking and the consequences of taking risks. Students enjoyed examining a crime scene to analyse the available evidence including entomology, trace evidence, fingerprints, toxicology and much more.
- Mrs Harte

Year 9 Food Technology Bush Foods Excursion

In week 3, Year 9 Food Technology students visited the Royal Botanical Gardens to participate in the Food in Australia Program. They had a chance to investigate, prepare and taste Aboriginal bush foods and discover how the diet began to evolve when the first settlers first farmed food.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Year 11 Ancient History Excursion to the Nicholson Museum

Last week, Year 11 Ancient history students travelled to Sydney University to visit the Nicholson Museum. They were able to handle and carefully inspect artefacts, some over 2,500 years old, investigating the role of museums in conserving and displaying the past.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Callback Excursion for Dance Students

The Dance students attended an excursion at the Seymour Centre last week to see ‘Callback’ showcasing exemplary performances and compositions from HSC Dance students from 2017. The Year 12 Dance students also participated in a composition and performance workshop to further prepare them for these components of their HSC Dance practical examinations.

- Mrs Croucher

Monday, 19 February 2018

Year 7 Camp!

What a start to Senior School! Year 7 Camp was fantastic, with so many new experiences and friendships made through the week.

 Thanks to the teachers, especially the Home Group teachers and Year Advisors, for making it a memorable camp.

 It was great fun having the Year 9 Leaders and Prefects come along on Thursday Night to run some activities, thanks for coming down! Some of our favourite snaps are below...

Senior School Cricket Team beats William Carey School

Students in the Open Boys Cricket team played in their Semi Finals match against William Carey Christian School at Browne's Farm Reserve. William Carey won the toss and batted for 40 overs ending in a total of 5/163. Andrew and Travis as the opening batters got Inaburra off to a flying start. We only needed 19 overs to chase down the total score and won with a total of 1/171.

Congratulations to Andrew who was the Man of the Match with a score of 115. Well done boys!

Senior School Swimming Carnival

On Tuesday February 7, the Senior School Swimming carnival was held at Engadine Pool. It was a fantastic day with beautiful weather. It was great to see so students getting involved in all aspects of the day. At one stage during the day we had so many Year 12 students competing that the program was getting significantly behind time.

For all the results click here: http://www.inaburra.nsw.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Inaburra-Senior-Swim-Results-2018-1.pdf 

 All the best to the students who will move onto representing the school at the CSSA carnival.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Yr 12 Mathematics and Darts and Upcoming Yr 10 Mock Interviews

Mathematics and Darts

Last week some of our Mathematics students were able to explore the connections between Darts and and Mathematics. David Marland, who last year competed in the World Series of Darts and a local business owner, visited the class to give them a practical experience of how Mathematical concepts connect to the real world. They were able to explore the obvious probability concepts, but they were also able to relate what they were watching to concepts like angles, segments, sequences and even parabolas. We thank Mr Marland for joining the class as we look to link in class learning to real-world experiences.

Upcoming Mock Interviews
On Tuesday 20 March 2018 we are holding our annual Mock Interviews for our Year 10 students at our World of Work Day at Inaburra School. This year the day will start at 8:15am (with interviews starting at 8:30am) and finish around 12:00pm for our interviewers. I would love to have a couple more interviewers from the parent community be involved. If you could email me at joness@inaburra.nsw.edu.au I can send you more information.
Kind Regards
Stuart Jones
Careers and Transition Advisor.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Exciting events in TAS!

Food Technology Excursion

Last Thursday, Year 12 Food Technology students headed down to Cedar Creek Orchard on the South Coast to investigate the manufacturing of apple juice.

CAFS Independent Research Projects

The Year 12 Community and Family Studies class are well on the way to completing their Independent Research Projects. Topics being investigated include:

- The Impact of a Dual Income Household on a Child.
- What are the specific Health requirements and needs of the aged care residents in order to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle.
- The impact on an individual's lifestyle whilst suffering with a chronic illness eg asthma.
- The social and economic effects of immigration.
- An investigation of the impact of a major illness of a family (Brain Tumour).
- The media’s impact on a female adolescent’s well-being.
- The social and emotional effects of being a non-English speaking immigrant in Australia.
- A comparison of aged care facilities and their impact on wellbeing

- Emotional and Economic Needs of a Family with Cancer Diagnosis.
- The impact of social media on the emotional well-being of adolescents.
- The effects on parent/child relations when there is an absent parent.
- The effects on an individual and the family where an individual has recently received a Breast Cancer diagnosis.
- To investigate the financial and emotional effects on a young family encountering a major economic cost.
- The emotional and economic impact of a major surgery on the patient and their family.
- A study into various stressors that occur within a sole parent family.
- How does IVF affect an Individual's wellbeing?
- An investigation of the well being of adolescent within the context of a sole parent family.
- What is the effect of the birth of a child on the wellbeing of parents?

Students are collecting primary data and will soon present the findings of their research.
The TAS Department